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Amputation Eve

A month – to the day – from that awful initial emergency vet experience and the day after International Dog Day…

After four weeks of turmoil, sincerest snuggles, distressing veterinary encounters and reports, compassion cuddles, tears, moral flowcharts, repetitive x-rays, ethical decision trees, fungal analysis, elk patties, ultrasound, rotisserie chickens, CT scan and fine needle aspirate under general anesthesia, filet mignon, Dog Cancer Survival Guide, ribeye steak, fungal analysis, bison burgers, struggling to use a ramp in/out of the Jeep, “last walks,” covering the downstairs tile with gym matting, DogTV on YouTube, sleeping on the floor-air-mattress-couch, relocation of my work-life, scheduling chaos, resurrecting late-1980s razor blade skills to divide gabapentin capsule powder, a weekend cabin getaway, gradual quality of life decline, estimate for tripawd accessible landscaping of our backyard (US$2.8k), and upwards of US$7k in veterinary expenses (so far)…

Tomorrow is to see the surgical amputation of Patches’ left forelimb and, we hope beyond all else, his successful recovery and freedom from this awful pain.

One thought on “Amputation Eve”

  1. You have captured all the emotions, tasks,, uncertainty, stress, every single aspect of what hoomans go thru lead up to the amputation. You have done it accurately and a delightful dose of humor. But what stands out the most is the love and devotion and deep bond you have with Patches.
    And the pictures are an extra bonus to make us smile. Such a good looking fella’s
    I know your blog has had some technical “issues” off and on. I think I missed some of uour first blogs as a result.
    Anyway, all caught up now just in time to send some pawsitive healing energy to your beautiful boy. Let us know when surfery is done, okay? Guessing he’ll stay at least one night at the staffed clinic, or maybe more. While he’s rest comfortably on some strong pain meds, you try and get some rest too, okay?
    Just in case your blog still jas issues, feel free Tom update us in the forums too. And ofnyounjave any quest at all, do hesitate to reach out. We’ve all been through recovery and all the ups and downs. And when the sparkle starts to come back and our dogs start living life to the fullest pain free, it’s the best gift we could give them…..and give ourselves!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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